Designing Furniture for Children's Future

Featured in this photo are the JAKB-600 Locke-series Study Desk and CS-299B Plato-series double back ergonomic mesh chair. (Photo provided by Kuang Shin)

Since the founders' humble beginnings in the 1960s, traveling from his hometown in Chiayi County to urban Taipei City to learn a trade, he has dedicated the eventually-formed Kuang Shin Enterprise to providing quality products.

Kuang Shin offers children's desks and chairs, computer chairs, furniture hardware, OA office chair and desks, connected chairs, display shelves, chair bases, and parts. The company is backed by a creative team that can handle the design and development processes, and together with their experience in manufacturing furniture, these traits make them the go-to company for clients looking for on-time ODM deliveries.

From Tradesman to Company Owner

What makes Kuang Shin stand out is its emphasis on developing technologies and creating quality products, done by designing furniture from a children's perspective and needs.

Kuang Shin aims to create a friendly user experience with desks and chairs, having invested in numerous tooling molds, and carrying out tests and inspections to ensure safe and comfortable ergonomic designs done for usability and practicality.

However, considering the varied challenges that the current and later generations of children need to face, education and learning must continue to evolve with the times. There are many channels to pursue education for school children to take advantage of. However, parents could become too reliant on single or specific education models, making it harder for their children to enjoy a well-rounded learning experience. Kuang Shin believes they could address the current education issues through prioritizing furniture designs to focus on enhancing children's creativity and willingness to learn.

A child's future cannot wait, as changing the social environment require time. With 30 years of technological expertise in the field, Kuang Shin is set to provide diverse options for childrens' furniture by offering safe, comfortable, and easy-to-assemble products.

CM-667 children`s chair in Pink. (Photo courtesy of Kuang Shin)