DK-58S CANON-series Study Desk

DK-58S CANON-series Study Desk

Product Description

Product Name:DK-58S CANON-series Study Desk

Country of Origin:Taiwan



Detail Specifications

DK-58S CANON-series Study Desk
Product Specification:
Color: White/Pink/Blue/Grey
Desktop: White
Size: W-92cm*D-75cm*H-74cm(+/-2cm)
Height adjustable range: 74cm(+/-2cm)~50cm(+/-2cm)
Tilting range: 0~33 degrees (+/-2 degrees)
Desktop: E1 Particleboard*18mm w/ flame and scratch resistant surface.
Structure: Iron and powder-coated finish (R.O.H.S.-approved)

Height adjustable and suitable for 3-year-olds to adults
Incremental tilt with a simple push
Easily adjustable desk height by Gas lift device
Quick-release lock for simple, smooth adjustment
Using Eco-Friendly material, R.O.H.S. approval, scratch resistant and easy clean