BK-L306-A Chopin-series study desk

BK-L306-A Chopin-series study desk

Product Description

Product Name:
BK-L306-A Chopin-series study desk
Iron and powder-coated finish(R.O.H.S approved)
White/ Light-grey

Detail Specifications

Product specification:
-Colors: White/ Light-grey
-Desktop: White/ Birch
-Specs: W-120cm*-D-77cm*H-75cm±2cm
-Height adjustable range: 75cm(+/-2cm)~50cm(+/-2cm)
-Tilting range: 0゚~30゚degrees (+/-2゚)
-Plate: MDF-E0, Laminate surface
-Structure: Iron and powder-coated finish(R.O.H.S approved)

Specification & Description:
1.Height adjustable and suitable for 3-year olds to adults. Free size!
2.Incremental tilt with a simple push.
3.Easily adjustable desk height by gas-lift device.
4.Multi-patented, SGS-certified.
5.Barrier-free space design for legs, safe and comfortable
6. Invent patent bookend beautiful, convenient and easily store
7. Multifunctional drawer and stationery storage

-The front plate can tilt the angle separately.
-Portable-designed rear-wheels are convenient to move