CM-667 Plato-series study mesh chair

CM-667 Plato-series study mesh chair

Product Description

Product Name:
CM-667 Plato-series study mesh chair
R.O.H.S-approved, powder-coated iron frame

Detail Specifications

Product specification:
-Colors: Pink/Blue
-Structure: White
-Specs: W-54cm*-D-74cm*H-77cm±2cm
-Chair-back: 46cm*45cm*18cm(±2cm)
-Chair-seat: 51cm*48cm*15cm(±2cm)
-Chair-back height adjustment range: Max=100cm, Min=72cm
-Chair-seat height adjustment range: Max=63cm. Min=31cm
-Chair back can slide forward at most 10cm
-R.O.H.S-approved, powder-coated iron frame
-The base of the chair is made of plastic

Specification & Description:
1.The exclusive chair back can be adjusted back and forth invented design.
2.The ergonomic, comfortable and safe design that fit from 3-year olds to adults.
3.Non-slip, quick-release lock for simple, smooth adjustment.
4.Patented, ergonomic, safe and stable chair legs.
5.PU wheels are safe-to-use and protect floor.
6.SGS-BIFMA-approved and met R.O.H.S standards. Eco-friendly, safe and easy-to-clean.
7.Chair fabric water/stain-proof, breathable and strong.

-When children sit on this chair, its support, coverage, safety and ergonomic design are excellent good.
-The chair height can be adjusted as you want and the children’s legs won’t hang in the air, it can satisfy children’s needs.
-Chair fabric is made by mesh but touch like cloth very comfortable to sit.