CS-188 Edison-Series Children's Chair

CS-188 Edison-Series Children's Chair

Product Description

Product Name:
CS-188 Edison-Series Children's Chair
Country of Origin:
Delivery FOB Port:
Taichung Port Taiwan

Detail Specifications

‧Colors: Red/Blue
‧Support: White
‧Specs: W-55XD-68XH-77 (cm)
‧Chairback: 42x42x9 (cm)
‧Seat: 44x42x9 (cm)
‧Chairback height-adjustment: Max. 94cm; min. 69cm
‧Chair seat height-adjustment: Max. 49cm; min. 28cm
‧RoHS-approved, powder-coated iron frame
‧Foam, 3M water/stain-proof upholstery, plus plywood chair back
Paike Children's Chairs
‧Ergonomic, comfortable and safe design that is specially made for children. Seamless height-adjustment ensures user's feet easily reach floor when seated, meeting kid's requirements.
‧Newly invented, seamless height-adjustment
‧Non-slip, quick-release lock for simple, smooth adjustment
‧Patented, ergonomic, safe and stable chair legs
‧Self-locking PU wheels are safe-to-use and protect floor
‧SGS-BIFMA-approved and met RoHS standards. Eco-friendly, safe and easy-to-clean
‧Sturdy, durable and cost-efficient for 3-year-olds to adults
‧Water/stain-proof upholstery ensures cleanliness.

‧Carton: 60x55.5x37.3 (cm)
‧Volumetric weight: 4.39' sq.ft.
‧N.W.: 13.8 kgs
‧G.W.: 15.9 kgs