Champion-Series Children's Chair

Champion-Series Children's Chair

Product Description

Product Name:
Champion-Series Children's Chair
Country of Origin:
White / Blue

Detail Specifications

1. Ergonomic, comfortable and safe for youngsters to adults.
2. Quick-release-locked chair seat and chairback for simple, smooth adjustment.
3. Multifunctional self-locking PU wheels are safe-to-use and protect floor.
4. High-elasticity woven fabric has excellent upholstery properties, air-permeable, and durable..
5. Patented, safe and stable chair legs.
6. Multi-patented.

‧Colors: White/Blue
‧Chair Seat Height-adjustment: Max: 51cm(+/-2cm); Min: 33cm(+/-2cm)
‧Chairback Height-adjustment: Max: 96cm(+/-2cm); Min: 72cm(+/-2cm)
‧Iron sheet/tube, plastic